Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nextPCVs - Peace Corps Blog

Cool, I was added to PC's blog for new volunteers

Jennifer Cain of Missoula Selected for Business Assignment in Lesotho

NAME: Jennifer Cain
AGE: 26
HOMETOWN: Missoula, Mont.
HIGH SCHOOL: Homestead High School (Cupertino, Calif.)
ALMA MATER: University of Montana, Class of 2007 (Business Administration)

ASSIGNMENT: Community Health and Economic Development

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO BECOME A PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER? My 11th grade history teacher spoke well of his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer and encouraged his students to explore similar opportunities. Ever since then, I dreamed of volunteering for the Peace Corps and continued to attend recruiting events until I had the education and skills necessary to become a volunteer.

OTHER PERSONAL INFO: Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked in marketing and graphic design for a civil engineering firm and a contract furniture company. I’m also an avid runner, mountain biker, and hiker. I have run in five half marathons and two marathons.

In 2011, the Peace Corps celebrates 50 years of international service. More than 200,000 Americans have served as Peace Corps volunteers in 139 countries since President John F. Kennedy established the agency in 1961.

Through their service, volunteers increase awareness of America around the world and help our country gain an understanding of other cultures beyond our borders. Currently, 8,655 Peace Corps volunteers serve in 77 countries – the largest number of volunteers in 40 years.

Peace Corps service is a 27-month commitment. Volunteers live and work with a community overseas to reach goals in education, health, business, agriculture, the environment, youth development and more.

Peace Corps volunteers spend their first three months of service in training, living with a host family and studying the local language and culture.

Volunteers receive many benefits, including transportation, a living stipend, medical care, graduate school opportunities, student loan deferment, $7,425 upon completion and much more. Peace Corps volunteers must be U.S. citizens, at least 18-years old, and in good health. There is no upper age limit and no cost to participate. Apply online.

For more information and online applications, please visit

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best Dentist in the World

So the Peace Corps is having me get another dental exam. Last year I got my dental exam and x-rays on May 6th and PC says that a PC applicants records need to be updated after a year. Since I leave May 31st, I'll have to get a couple new x-rays and a check-up for my records. I called the best dentist in the world, Dr. Jay Lamb, and asked if he could check out my teeth again for no charge. His assistant said "no problem" that he is glad the PC asked for another check-up since I had a couple problem areas. What a nice dentist. I'm really really hoping the problem areas haven't turned into cavities...especially since I chew excessive amounts of Big Red.

For my last free check-up, I sent my dentist and his assistant a thank you card. A thank you card was somewhat pathetic since he spent 30 minutes explaining my x-rays and telling me about his dental trips to developing countries. He also showed me a picture of him giving free check-ups to people in Central America..they were all sitting outside in plastic chairs while he pulled teeth and fixed them all up. What a good guy! This time, I'm thinking his generosity deserves a bigger thank you...maybe I'll send flowers to his staff or something.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PC 50th Party

Last night's 50th PC party in Eugene was quite interesting. There weren't really any chances for mingling at the rally or party because of the speeches and music, so I didn't meet anybody that had been to Lesotho or any invitees at all. Most of the RPCVs were from back in the day. It was funny because they all looked the same too....everybody in their typical Eugene REI attire.