Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Six Weeks Until Staging

Wow, now I'm down to the six week countdown to staging. This means I need to get my act together. Currently, my priorities involve spending time with friends and family. I'm typically not much of a planner, but considering the circumstances, I've planned out all the remaining weekends I have left in the US. (1. Winery 5K Run & Easter Beer Hunt, 2. Weekend in Sacramento to see Wendy and Nana, 3. Possible girls shopping trip to Portland, 4. In Montana with dad, 5. Mom visits Eugene, 6. Prepare to leave).

The next important thing I need to do is move out of my house. Richard lucked out and found a perfect rental house three houses down, so moving will be no problem. We'll move next week and it will be the perfect opportunity for me to start packing for Lesotho and giving away stuff I don't need. Then, I will quit my job on May 10th.

Currently, I'm just living for every day and enjoying every moment of my time in Eugene. I think the hardest part about leaving will be putting a hold on my perfect life here with all my amazing friends and beautiful family. If you guys think I'm crazy for doing this, then let me reassure you that I am! But at least I realize it, right?