Friday, May 27, 2011

How I feel about leaving for africa in a couple days.

"How do you feel about it?" That is the number one question people are asking me about my upcoming departure to Lesotho. Well, I feel mostly overwhelmed with tasks, but otherwise, excited and nervous at the same time. Over the past month, I've spent so much time with friends and family that almost every moment has been filled with fun. I feel spoiled and happy about that. 

When I'm by myself, that's when I start getting a little nervous. I don't really think too hard about what to anticipate when I'm in Lesotho, because I know it will all be new and I will be thrown into a whole different lifestyle than what I'm used to. I'm okay with that, and luckily, I love the unknown. 

Packing for Lesotho has been the most difficult thing for me. That, and tying up all the loose ends like finishing up work, volunteer work, and canceling services and memberships. I've mostly followed the suggested packing list that the Peace Corps Lesotho desk sent me. My two bags now total 100 lbs (my limit) and I feel like I'm as set as I can be. Luckily, I'm ultra fortunate to have my parents and Richard to help me out with anything I need on the home front. 

I think the main thing I've neglected to pack is stuff to support my hobbies. I can't think of what to bring for hobbies, so I'm not bringing anything. Instead I've packed my bags with just tons of clothes. Yes, I know this might be a mistake, but my hobbies include working out, hanging out with friends, and staring at the wall. So therefore, I don't need that much. Most volunteers and the PC handbook suggested loading my computer with tons of movies and music. I have yet to do that. That's where Richard will most likely come to the rescue and put a ton of media on my tiny netbook at the last minute (probably Sunday night...I leave Monday morning).  If we don't have time, then I'll just be screwed and figure it out as I go along. 

Other than, I feel set. And, to my friends and family: I want to thank you for dedicating the last 3 weeks to me and supporting me 100%. You guys are the best!  


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  2. Jenny,

    I'm one of the people who 'stumbled onto your thoughts'. Congratulations.

    I want to let you know about a resource you can consider taking advantage of when you are a PCV. Friends of Lesotho (FOL) ( is a National PC Association affiliated group - most of our members are returned PCVs. One thing we do is support PCV projects in Lesotho through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. You will probably find out more about that during training. The PC Lesotho office also has more information. We support small projects, up to $3000, and provide matching funds for larger projects. I just want to plant the seed - once you get established at your site and start thinking about projects, please remember that FOL is a resource.

    Good luck with your service. I'm sure you will fall in love with Lesotho and Africa.

    Richard Rowan

  3. Thanks, Richard. I'll surely be in touch!!